We respect your opinion, provided that it was our opinion first.

We respect your opinion, provided that it was our opinion first.

May 20, 2008

The Obamoron Revolution

Turning This Country Around 360º
Nick Olson

Never before in the field of American politics have the issues been so black and white. Never before have the American people been so devastated by a presidency. Never before have the American people deserved such a change, such a departure, from the egregious offenses of the current administration.

It seems that the entire American populace is aware of this, with one outstanding exception: Senator John McCain. McSame is pushing for the same routine and lack of innovation that has destroyed America. Whereas Senator Obama promises hope, change, and revolution, McCain and UnAbel promises the same worn-out recipe for disaster: one cup too old, two cups too white, and a pinch of curmudgeonliness cooked for five-and-a-half years in a North Vietnamese torture camp.

Senator Obama can break free from this madness. He is the “change we can believe in”, the revolution we have been waiting for, the radical departure from mediocrity in the white house and in America. Yet still, the McBane–of-our-existence supporters point out, quite racistly, that there is nothing novel about DaBomba. Let me first point out that Obama, unlike McRain-on-the-Democrat-parade, is black. Let me secondly point out Obama’s tenacious loyalty—even after twenty-three years of Jeremiah Wright denouncing the United States with statements such as “God Damn America!”, Senator Barack-and-roll still refused to denounce his long-time mentor and pastor. But ultimately, not even Rush Limbaugh can criticize Obama’s loyalty to Mr. Wright—after all, not only Obama, but every woman in the nation wants to stay loyal to Mr. Wright—Are not all women searching for Mr. Wright? Still, this issue seems to be of little importance; after all, Jeremiah was only a bullfrog. But most importantly, while other presidential candidates promise and have promised the same, worn-out policies, Baracket Scientist has promised politics avant-garde—Obama is going where no politician has ever gone, promising to raise taxes, increase government spending, negotiate with terrorists, and promote further governmental control of the economy. These are policies no Democrat has ever proposed. This is the change we can believe in.


Juan R said...

I agree with you McCane is nothing new. I believe that it in fact, would be worse for this country. You pointed it out something in this blog that hardly no one ever mentions. That is the fact that yes, while McCain did spend time as a POW, this will not do our country any good.

I understand why he does this. He is appealing to his blind supporters. But the truth is, any person who is a POW for a period of time will have extremely biased views of war...and this is the kind of person that we cannot have as our Commander In Chief

Ukelo Lsono said...


Abecedarius Rex said...

I agree with Juan R. Someone who has been in a prison camp (especially of the Vietnamese flavor) won't have a single idea about how to employ our military. Why they won't have any compunctions about sending young men into battle, nor will they have any experience with knowing how important it is to win a war and not just pull out in helicopters while frantic natives cling to the landing gear. Indeed, only Obama, with super x-ray vision and enhanced paranormal powers will be able to lead our military home to a well fought withdrawal from combat. GoBama!

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